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Leesburg, Lake County, Florida

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    Welcome!     The Lake Amateur Radio Association (LARA) is a non profit 501(c)(3)  organization started by a small group of radio amateurs in 1952. Since that time, LARA has grown to a membership of 60 plus members, own their own property, and built a clubhouse on that property. K4FC_Logo2

    The club owns and operates a fully equipped emergency communication trailer for public service and emergency communications. The club operates 2 VHF repeaters and 2 UHF repeaters. One or more of those repeaters are often linked to Echolink or The IRLP network for worldwide communications.

    The club (LARA) operates under the call sign of K4FC and the ARES division (LCARES) operates under the call N4FLA On the LARA property is a clubhouse and 180 foot tower. (see clubhouse tab). The club has an extensive antenna farm located on the property, and 4 operating positions inside the clubhouse to accommodate various HF, VHF, P-25, Packet, and other operations.

    The Lake Amateur Radio Association meets the third Saturday of each month at 10:00 AM at its clubhouse to conduct the business of the club. The Lake County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (LCARES) a division of LARA, also transacts its business within the framework of LARA (see LCARES tab). The club does FCC licensing before the monthly club meetings. See testing under the club activities menu tab for further information.

    The Lake Amateur Radio Association, also, has a monthly luncheon on the second Wednesday of the month.  This event occurs  at 11:00 AM at the Ichiban Chinese Restaurant at 10301 US HWY 441, Leesburgs.  One is welcome to attend.

    As you navigate through this web site you will find information on how to visit or join LARA, and other useful information.

    Jay Boehme
    Lake Amateur Radio Association

    5 MPH Limit

    Note: The Speed Limit is 5 mph on access road to the LARA Clubhouse!



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