Club News

  The Club will be supporting the various rides on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday both in the field and and from the Communications Center. 

Upcoming Events

Clubhouse Events
Testing, 8 AM 3rd Sat
Meeting, 10 AM 3rd Sat except Dec meeting 2nd Sat (12/9)

LARA Lunch
HayStax Restaurant
All are welcome
11AM, 2nd Wed

QCWA Lunch
No August Lunch
Olive Garden Restaurant
Leesburg 11:30 AM, 3rd Sat.

Tu 7:30 PM 147.225+Echolink

M-W-F Voice 7 PM 147.255 +103.5 *
M-W-F Packet 7 PM 145.010
*3th Monday 7 PM Simplex 147.420

Tech Net
Tu 8:00 PM IRLP 442.900


Mount Dora Bicycle Festival (Oct 4,5,6)


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