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LARA Clubhouse maintenance continues...

LARA members continue the maintenance of the club house by power washing the clubhouse, repairing the vent screening, and painting the building.

A big thank you to all who helped with the work.


Upcoming Events

Clubhouse Events
Testing, 8 AM 3rd Sat
Meeting, 10 AM 3rd Sat except Dec meeting 2nd Sat

LARA Lunch
Restaurant location via email
All are welcome
11AM, 2nd Wed

QCWA Lunch
No August Lunch
Olive Garden Restaurant
Leesburg 11:30 AM, 3rd Sat.

Tu 7:30 PM 147.225+Echolink

M-W-F Voice 7 PM 147.255 +103.5 *
*3th Monday 7 PM Simplex 147.420

Tech Net
Tu 8:00 PM IRLP 442.900


March of Dimes Walk-a-ton (May)

ARRL Field Day (June)

LARA Clubhouse Members maintain clubhouse grounds and equipment

In several projects in February, LARA members took on maintenance projects for the clubhouse and grounds.

The rotator on our beam antenna stopped working.  To repair it, the controller and rotator needed to be opened up, inspected and maintained, and the control cable needed to be replaced.

Lenny, KD4MBN, worked on the equipment with the help of Paul, WN4AMO. Other antenna worked included maintenance on our end fed wire antenna.

The bushes and trees flourish in the warm Florida weather and need to be controlled to keep our equipment and supports clear.

Our team performed several hours of yard work keeping the jungle at bay. The team led by Dean, KM4QMB, included: Roger, KL7HOT; Teresa, KN4GFJ; Chris KN4RNR; John, WB4HV; Gary, KJ4HYV.

LARA Silent Key Team Sales at Hamcation

The LARA Silent Key Team supports the families of our SK Members in helping them sell their equipment for fair prices.

This year the team was successful in founding new homes for nearly 200 items pieces of equipment and returning value to the families. Pictured are: John, K4CYA; John, WB4HV (SK Chairman); Frank, KK4MBX; Jay, N4KXO; and Al W4ALR.



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