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LARA provides a service to families of Amateur Operators who have become Silent Keys and have left amateur radio equipment and related items where they need help in disposing same.  These items may be donated to LARA (a charitable 501.c.3)  where a value will be established and a letter provided for possible tax relief.


LARA will pick up equipment establish a fair selling price and attempt to sell the equipment on our website, other public posting or hamfests.  Normally, the family receives 80% and LARA retains 20% after sales expenses are met.

To obtain more information or to purchase items listed on this site,  please contact John Walton, WB4HV,  our SK Administrator by phone (352) 504-0503, or email




Below is a link to the inventory list of current equipment.  This list is updated monthly.  Pricing does not include shipping charges.  Photos shown are of recent equipment but some items may be no longer in stock.

We cannot guarantee equipment, but we will indicate if believed to not be working, 25% restocking fee plus return mailing cost for returns.

Yaesu FT 900 Transceiver $500.00  


Kenwood TS530S Transceiver works, but needs repairs $375.00

Standard Horizon2 Marine Radio $45.00



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Wilson WE 800 VHF Transceiver with Mike $100.00

Alinco DJ580 VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver $50.00

ICOM IC-2AT VHF Transceiver $40.00

ICOM-2TH VHF Hand held Transceiver $35.00

MFJ 986 Antenna Tuner $250.00

Kenwood AT-120 Antenna Tuner $200.00

MFJ 812B VHF SWR $40.00

Radio Center HK-5A Electronic Keyer $50.00

Heathkit HD141 RF Signal Generator $50.00

Heathkit Reflected Power Meter $40.00

Speaker $5.00

Speaker $5.00

Astron PS12A Power Supply $50.00


Duracell 20 Amp Power Supply $50.00

Astron 3 Amp Power Supply $30.00

Kenwood PS30 Power Supply $130.00

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